Workers packing plums in a packing line. Chile. Credit: Toby Adamson/Oxfam
Trade has the potential to lift millions out of poverty.


Trade generates incredible wealth, and links the lives of everyone on the planet. Yet millions of people in poor countries are losing out.

Why? Because the rules controling trade heavily favor the rich nations that set the rules.

Something’s very wrong with world trade. Unfair trade agreements and agricultural subsidies hamper efforts to reduce poverty in poor countries. Oxfam is committed to putting it right.

A global movement

Oxfam’s Make Trade Fair campaign presses decision-makers and governments for new trade rules – fair rules to make a real and positive difference in the fight against poverty.

Building up pressure means showing enough people care. So we have a global petition for justice in trade – Big Noise – which helps us to lobby for change.

We’re also working with other campaigning organisations to drive home the message – and getting high-profile celebrities to draw attention to the breath-taking potential of trade, too.

Lobbying for change

Oxfam produces high-quality research and advocates for responsible policies that will help poor people benefit from international trade.

For instance, we have successfully lobbied the World Trade Organization (WTO) – the body that sets trade rules – to stop subsidizing and dumping cheap exports on developing countries, which they have promised to do by 2013.

However, increasing pressure on developing nations from rich countries like the US and European Union to negotiate deals on their own, or in much smaller groups, with means we must continue to demand fair trade agreements.

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