Ask Horacio Cartes of Paraguay to put right a land grab in Curuguaty

Young couple in Curuguaty, Paraguay

Over 260 young people have been left without land after a land grab in Curuguaty, Paraguay. We ask the President of Paraguay, Horacio Cartes, to resolve this situation and to show his commitment to the young people of his country by granting the land they claim.

Over the past 10 years, land grabs and the lack of governmental support has forced 585,000 young people from the farmlands of Paraguay.

Young people such as Dolores and Luis have been left with no land on which to grow crops or live within their community, Curuguaty. The two of them could build their future on a publicly owned stretch of land of 2,000 hectares that is currently in the hands of a company that produces soy – a product that generates huge profits and which is exported to Europe and China where it is used as biofuel, animal forage and human food.

Oxfam, the affected communities and Articulación Curuguaty, formed of over 40 organizations representing the civil society of Paraguay, have launched a campaign to support the young people and farming families of Curuguaty who have lost their lands to claim their right to a place where they can cultivate their own food and build a future for themselves. 

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