Annual and Financial Reports

The Oxfam Annual Report provides an overview of the work of the Oxfam confederation from April 2012 – March 2013.

The report covers the work of the Oxfam International Secretariat, detailing our joint campaigns and financial figures, and also illustrates work from our affiliates.

Throughout the report you will find bracketed references to each of the Global Reporting Initiative requirements, and blue boxes describing in more detail our approaches to accountability.

These examples demonstrate how we strive to comply with the principles of the International NGO Accountability Charter. You can also find all the finance figures relevant to the year and a map of the 94 countries in which we work, plus all the contact details for the affiliates.

Each individual affiliate publishes its own annual reports, which can be found on their websites. The report of the Oxfam closest to you can be found in the block on the left, if none appears, you do not have a local Oxfam so please instead visit contact for information on websites.