Constance Okollet. Credit: Jens Astrup/Oxfam International
People around the world are telling how climate change is impacting their communities

Climate hearings and tribunals: Giving people a voice

Climate Hearings are events that give people who are suffering the impact of climate change the chance to make their voices heard locally, nationally and globally.

From local villages to large-scale moment, the Climate Hearings project brings the voices of those most affected by the devastating impacts of climate change directly to decision makers who have an opportunity to do something about it. 

In 2009, Oxfam supported Climate Hearings in over 36 countries, involving more than 1.6 million people. In 2010, we supported a number of hearings to take place, including in Ethiopia, Kenya, Brazil and the Philippines.

Climate tribunals

Following the failure of politicians to reach an agreement at the 2009 COP meeting in Copenhagen, Oxfam and our allies recognize that a lot more will need to be done to tackle the impacts of climate change than just relying on global politicians to make a deal.

That's why we're working with others to support people's Tribunals on climate change. The tribunals explore the possibilities for using national laws to hold governments and private sector actors accountable for the impacts of the changing climate on vulnerable communities.

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