Campaigners demand action to end poverty, 2008 G8 Summit. Emily Subden/Oxfam
Leaders must put money on the table for a world that is fair and sustainable for all

G8/G20: Invest in the future. Now.

The G8 and G20 met in Canada in June 2010 to make decisions affecting the future of life on our planet. In a time of crisis, deepening poverty and food insecurity in poor countries, broken aid promises, climate change and the global economy in need of reform, Oxfam pressed these twenty powerful leaders to invest in the future. Now. They pushed them to put money on the table to create a world that is fair and sustainable for all of us.

What we want

1. On climate

“Keep your Copenhagen promises and set us on the right course to deliver a fair, ambitious and binding deal”

  • Deliver the $30 billion ‘fast-start’ money you promised in Copenhagen by 2012
  • Make progress towards a fair and sufficient Climate Fund for long-term financing by December
  • Don’t plunder aid budgets to pay for climate change

2. On poverty

“Keep your promises on aid, maternal health and food”

  • Put us back on track to reach the Millienium Development Goals and deliver 0.7% of Gross National Income (GNI) in aid now
  • Invest more to fight maternal mortality
  • Honor your commitment to provide $22 billion for food security in the world's poorest countries

3. On the global economy

“Rethink the global economy to deliver benefits for all”

  • Commit to a Robin Hood Tax to raise $575 billion annually with half of these revenues going to climate change and development.

Take action

Help stop catastrophic climate change: Join our petition to get a fair, ambitious and binding deal

Demand that world leaders keep their promises on aid: Join our Health & Education For All Pledge

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