Oxfam trained health worker, Ilda Irune, in the local hospital in Machaze, Mozambique. Credit: Steve Simon/Oxfam
"Condoms are available here, and many people are coming to take them. I have noticed the change." – Ilde Irune

Building health services for all

Oxfam is campaigning for healthcare for all, and is calling for developing country governments to build health services that can improve the wellbeing of people living with HIV.

In Mozambique, Oxfam and its partners are working with NGOs, Governments and local communities to provide effective healthcare to HIV positive pregnant women.

In just 18 months, Oxfam has financed the training of 266 health workers in Machaze and Mossurize. Nurses have been trained to test for HIV, diagnose HIV and administer ARV treatment. They have also been trained in sexually transmitted disease prevention and counselling.

"Condoms are available here, we have a basket just over there and many people are coming to take them. I have noticed the change. When I started working here last November the basket was always full and I hardly ever saw young people come and take condoms.
Now the basket is always empty and I see lots of young people taking them."

 – Ilde Irune, Oxfam trained health worker at the Satellite health post and HIV testing centre at Save, Machaze

Mossurize now has its first maternity ward staffed by midwives who have been trained to educate HIV positive mothers on how to reduce the risk of passing the infection onto their babies. The combination of education, long term care and assistance has improved the lives of many women in these villages.

Oxfam believes it is essential to strengthen health systems universally in order to provide the most effective primary healthcare service worldwide including HIV services.