Oxfam trained health worker, Ilda Irune, in the local hospital in Machaze, Mozambique. Credit: Steve Simon/Oxfam
Every day 3000 people die from HIV/AIDS related illnesses.

World AIDS Day 2008

Every day 3000 people die from HIV/AIDS related illnesses.  This can be stopped and the solutions are clear:

  • more health workers
  • free health and HIV services
  • affordable anti-retroviral (ARV) medicines

The HIV pandemic can be beaten – but it takes the will and action of governments around the world.  Oxfam is demanding leaders do 3 things:  

1. Fund the Global Fund

The Global Fund for HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria works with governments and civil society in developing countries to improve services tackling these three diseases. Rich governments and institutions have pledged to fund the Global Fund and they need to keep this promise so the millions of poor HIV positive people can get the care and medicines they need and millions of new infections can be prevented.

2. Access to affordable generic ARV drugs

Oxfam seeks to ensure that there is access to affordable ARV medicines worldwide to those who need them.

3. Building health services for all

Oxfam is campaigning for healthcare for all, and is calling for developing country governments to build health services that can improve the wellbeing of people living with HIV.

What you can do

You can join the call for better services and treatment for people living with HIV and AIDS. By signing the For All pledge you will be adding your support to the millions of voices calling for more funds for more health workers, greater access to affordable medicines and better quality, free health services