One person can make a big difference. Imagine what six million could do.

Wanted: 6 million health workers and teachers

Every day in developing countries, teachers, doctors and nurses are changing people's lives. They are working against the odds to provide quality education and decent health care.

But millions of people are still missing out:

  • 72 million children can't go to school and most of them are girls
  • 8,000 people die of HIV and AIDS, many because they can’t afford the medicines they need
  • Every day 1,400 women die needlessly in pregnancy and child birth

This has to change.

What we are calling for

We are demanding an end to this injustice, and we are call on leaders to ensure everyone can go to school, and everyone can see a doctor when they are sick.    Rich countries must provide more and better aid for six million more well-trained and well-paid teachers, doctors and nurses for poor countries.  Rich and poor countries must act and make the right decisions to get health care and education for everyone especially the poorest.

How you can help

The world needs six million more well-trained and well-paid teachers, doctors and nurses for poor countries. And to make this happen, the world needs you.

Sign the Health and Education for All pledge today.

By pledging your support you will be bringing your voice to a global movement and sending a clear message to world leaders that change is possible.

Campaign successes so far

  • In 2005, 40 million people campaigned against poverty as part of the Make Poverty History campaign.
  • More than half a million people gave their ‘voices against poverty’ in the run-up to the 2007 G8 summit.
  • As a result, rich countries promised an extra $50 billion in aid every year by 2010, and pledged to cancel most of the debts of 42 poor countries.

Where these promises have been met, lives have changed. In Zambia for instance, people no longer have to pay for health care, because of debt cancellation and an increase in aid.

This is great news. But many poor countries are still waiting for the money and support they need from rich nations and powerful international organizations to provide quality health and education for all.