A boy is showing some potatoes. Credit: Agata Skowronek/Oxfam
The theme of this year's ACTUA international short film festival is Poverty

"Actúa" Short Film Festival winners announced

Of the 6.7 billion people living on earth, nearly one billion people live on less than one dollar a day.

Can you imagine trying to survive on this? How would you feed yourself and your family, let alone pay for essential medicines, send your children to school or visit the doctor when you needed to?

For the 5th International Short Film Festival ACTÚA, run by Intermón Oxfam (Oxfam International in Spain), film makers from 22 countries including Japan, Brazil, Burkina Faso and Ethiopia submitted short films exploring the theme of poverty. 14 films were pre-selected and screened in 25 cities in Spain, and the winners were announced at the award ceremony on 12 June.

Visit the festival’s website to have a look at all the winning short films under each category.