Oxfam condemns violence against protesters in Syria

Oxfam condemns the use of excessive force and violence against protesters by the Syrian security forces, which has already led to many hundreds of deaths. 

Reports of the shelling of cities, cutting off water and electricity, food shortages in besieged towns, mass arrests and preventing assistance to the wounded are violations of international law.

The Syrian authorities must abide by their obligations under international law and immediately halt the killing of protesters and other grave violations of their human rights. 

The international community must take urgent action to help the people of Syria, including, as a first step:

  • Applying intensive diplomatic pressure on the government of Syria to respect human rights and end the violence against its own citizens.
  • Ensuring the provision of adequate humanitarian assistance both inside Syria and in neighboring countries that are receiving people fleeing from the violence, should it be needed.

Oxfam supports the rights of all to live in dignity with political freedom and with full social and economic rights and opportunities. They should be able to express their opinions freely and to demonstrate peacefully, without running the risk of violent oppression.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation in Syria, and are ready to provide humanitarian assistance if required.

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