A Billion Hungry People

High food prices have brought into sharp focus an existing global food crisis that affects almost one billion people.

Rising food prices in the Sahel

Based on a survey by Oxfam International and Save the Children

In the Sahel region of West Africa, the ability to access food has become the key issue in terms of food securi

Double-Edged Prices

The recent sharp increase in food prices should have benefited millions of poor people who make their living from agriculture.

Another Inconvenient Truth

Biofuels are presented in rich countries as a solution to two crises: the climate crisis and the oil crisis.

Credibility Crunch

The year 2008 is halfway to the deadline for reaching the Millennium Development Goals. Despite some progress, they will not be achieved if current trends continue.

The Time Is Now

Global food prices are up 83 per cent compared with three years ago.


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