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Press Release
Control Arms photo stunt at the UN. Photo: Andrew Kelly/Oxfam

The Control Arms Coalition welcomed today’s signing of the Arms Trade Treaty by the United States.

Press Release

History will be made today at the United Nations as many governments sign an Arms Trade Treaty designed to protect millions living in daily fear of armed violence.

Campaign article

On 2 April 2013, history was made at the UN as countries agree for the first time that the global arms trade must be brought under control.

Press Release
Results of the Arms Trade Treaty vote. Image: UN TV

The Control Arms Coalition today say the vote for the first ever global treaty to regulate the international arms trade marks ‘an incredible moment’ signalling the dawn of a new era.

Press Release

International aid agency Oxfam condemns Syria, Iran and North Korea for blocking  agreement today of the Arms Trade Treaty, which would have saved lives and closed the many loopholes that unscrupulous arms dealers now navigate with impunity.

Press Release
Campaigners for the Control Arms Coalition at the UN.  Photo: Andrew Kelly/Contr

Campaigners today say radical changes must be made to the latest draft of the Arms Trade Treaty by the Presidency of the Conference, if the treaty is to save lives.

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