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Nurse, Margaret Ganga, takes the blood pressure of Grace Banda, who had a caesarian section after difficulties during labour at Bwalia 'Bottom' Hospital in Lilongwe, Malawi. Credit: Abbie Trayler-Smith/Oxfam

Failure to provide free public healthcare in poor countries means that millions of people are paying with their lives, according to a research report published today by a group of 62 NGOs and health unions.

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The first of May traditionally sees workers march through the center of La Paz (Bolivia) and for the last few years has been a focus of all the social movements to voice their demands to the government. Credit: Renato Guimaraes/Oxfam

G20 finance ministers meeting in London this weekend should provide a $280 billion bailout for millions of poor people struggling to survive the economic crisis. We provide three easy ways the G20 could deliver this up.

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Antiretrovirals. Oxfam works with partners on minimizing transmission and impacts of HIV&AIDS in many countries around the world. Credit: Andy Hall/Oxfam

Companies producing affordable generic medicines for poor people could be subject to criminal prosecutions and have their medicines seized on orders from big drug companies under plans being drawn up by a closed group of mainly rich countries

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Oxfam G8 Big Heads stunt: The G8 are cooking up the planet and spicing it with CO2. Credit: Nicola Sacco/Oxfam-UCODEP

After three days of talking, the Italian G8 Summit 2009 was more about broken promises and photo opportunities, instead of real progress on solving poverty.

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Oxfam Big Heads stunt: The G8 feasts while 1 in 6 in the world go hungry. Credit: Ilaria Di Biagio/Oxfam-UCODEP

We've reviewed and analyzed the G8 Communique from Day 1 of the Summit, and here's our take.

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Cyclone Aila (25 May 2009) caused substantial damage across areas of southern Bangladesh and West Bengal. Most of the damage was due to the high tidal surge, which broke through embankments, submerging villages and rural markets. Credit: Abir Abdullah/EPA

Our new report warns multiple climate impacts could reverse 50 years of work to end poverty. Shifting seasons are destroying harvests and causing widespread hunger - but this is just one of the multiple climate change impacts taking their toll on the world’s poorest people.

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Songoi at his preschool in Noomunye, Ngorongoro, Tanzania. Credit: Geoff Sayer/Oxfam

We live in a world where every minute of every day somewhere in the developing world a woman dies needlessly in pregnancy and childbirth, and where millions of children do not go to school.

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