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The warming climate is melting the famous snows of Mount Kilimanjaro. Credit: Caroline Irby/Oxfam

The coffee-grower communities based on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro suffer from the erratic climate. Oxfam helps them adapt, and raises awareness of the risks climate change poses not just to them but also to the whole Western coffee supply chain.

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Oxfam-funded rescue boats are kept in areas most at risk of flooding, and at flood shelters. Besides rescuing people, the boats collect houses, belongings and livestock, taking them to areas of safety. Credit: Jane Beesley/Oxfam

Following the disastrous 2004 floods, which affected 600,000 people, Oxfam has helped people prepare for the yearly floods in Bangladesh, which are exacerbated by climate change.

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Rising food and fuel prices in Tanzania. Photo: Ami Vitale/Oxfam

Oxfam research shows that by 2015 the average number of people affected each year by climate-related disasters could increase by over 50 per cent to 375 million.

Villagers working to repair the embankment in village of Tareisahi in district of Bhadrak

The Indian organization Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group (GEAG) has documented practices around agricultural adaptation in flood prone areas.

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – The first National Climate Change Conference was held today in an effort to bring about coordinated and urgent action from all sectors on mitigation and adaptation to climate change in Ethiopia.

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Woman in her rice paddies, village of Thmey, Cambodia. Credit: Jack Picote/Oxfam

Lost in a swamp of questions about climate change? We've put together some questions and answers to help explain why it's an issue Oxfam is working on.

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Walking in Kup District, Chimbu Province, PNG. Credit: Jerry Galea/Oxfam

Climate change is pushing poor people further into poverty.Urgent, concrete action is needed to help avoid catastrophe. Find out more about Oxfam's climate change campaign and see what you can do to help.

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