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Health activists in Chennai, India, 2007. Credit: Vidyadhar Sreeprasad/Oxfam

Pharmaceutical giant Novartis is back in court this week, in a renewed attempt to block India’s right to produce affordable ‘generic’ versions of the company’s branded medicines.

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India is known as the pharmacy of the world but 65% of Indians have no access to essential medicines. This video explains how the State of Rajasthan in India is tackling the problem by promoting generic medicines and providing these free of charge in the public sector.

Press Release
Life-saving Anti-Retro Virals at the Voluntary Testing and Counselling Centre in Kuito, Angola. Credit: Andy Hall/Oxfam GB

International agency Oxfam has welcomed the announcement by international drug purchasing agency UNITAID to create a patent pool for HIV drugs. Millions of poor people will now have access to cheaper, more appropriate medicines.

Press Release
Antiretrovirals. Oxfam works with partners on minimizing transmission and impacts of HIV&AIDS in many countries around the world. Credit: Andy Hall/Oxfam

Companies producing affordable generic medicines for poor people could be subject to criminal prosecutions and have their medicines seized on orders from big drug companies under plans being drawn up by a closed group of mainly rich countries

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