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A new study for Oxfam reveals that developing countries are pledging to cut their emissions of greenhouse gases by more than developed countries. Oxfam estimates that over 60 per cent of emissions cuts by 2020 are likely to be made by developing countries.

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Fishing in Bangladesh. Credit: Ami Vitale/Oxfam

Mamtaz Begum (35) lives in the village of South Tetulbaria near to the Bay of Bengal. This village relies on fishing but the changing climate is threatening this way of life, and without fishing, there is little else for them to eat. She explains her story.

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UN climate talks are off the life-support machine, following a last-minute agreement that gives the Kyoto Protocol a lifeline. It establishes a global Climate Fund and, while falling short of the emissions cuts needed, lays out a path to move towards them.

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A new fair Climate Fund must be established at Cancun. Photo: Ainhoa Goma/Oxfam

National self-interest and brinkmanship must not be allowed to sabotage the Cancun climate talks and risk reversing the progress made over the past two weeks, warned Oxfam on the penultimate day of the increasingly volatile Summit.

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Mary Robinson's press conference in Cancun, Mexico. Credit: Ainhoa Goma/Oxfam

Halfway through the Cancun climate talks, negotiators have an opportunity to make real progress on a fair global climate fund and climate finance, said Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and Honorary President of Oxfam.

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This exciting side event at the COP16 UN Climate Talks, will look at what why setting up a well-resourced and fair Climate Fund in Cancun is doable, desirable and defendable.

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Around the world, people are fighting climate change in extraordinary ways. In Thailand, Oxfam is working with rice farming communities. Innovative water pumps and new farming techniques are just two of the ways in which people are adapting.

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