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Press Release

Oxfam India will provide water, sanitation and shelter to initially 60,000 people affected by Cyclone Phailin. Kudos to India for quick and decisive early warning actions to save lives, having moved nearly a million people into temporary shelters.

Press Release
A man and his children looking at their flooded home, Pakistan. Photo: Oxfam

Lack of funds and limited relief stocks will severely hamper the Pakistan government’s and aid agencies’ ability to respond to further flooding this monsoon season, a consortium of 51 international and more than 150 national humanitarian organisations warned today.

Press Release
There is not a moment to lose for Pakistan to invest in Disaster Risk Reduction

Disasters do not have lead to devastation, and today Oxfam called on the Government of Pakistan and the international community to invest in measures that reduces and manages the risk of disasters at district and community levels.

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