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In a report released today, Oxfam urged the Haitian Government and countries that have pledged money for rebuilding to accelerate reconstruction of the country.

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From East Africa to Japan, from Ivory Coast to Pakistan, the year 2011 has been marked by tragic disasters and crises, which seriously hit the most vulnerable people. Oxfam has responded to these crises, with both emergency and long-term programs, and launched a new global campaign, GROW.

The women of RAFARE process and sell locally produced grain. Photo: Oxfam

In a rural area in western Haiti, a group of women is expanding their milling business – which they hope will give the local economy a much-needed boost.

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An internal investigation carried out by aid agency, Oxfam Great Britain, has confirmed cases of misconduct by a small number of its staff members working in Haiti.

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Oxfam has launched an internal investigation into allegations of misconduct against a small number of Oxfam Great Britain staff in Haiti. Staff members have been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation, which is expected to be completed by September.

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Leadership from the new Haitian government is urgently needed to relocate the 630,000 people who are still living under tents and tarpaulins.

Railway station, Yamada Town, Japan. Photo: Miki Tokairin/JOICFP

A massive relief operation is now underway in response to the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, involving the government, the army and civil society. Oxfam Japan is raising money for several local organizations active in the disaster areas.

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Oxfam Japan is appealing for public donations for two partner organizations, one that is assisting mothers and babies and the other providing information to non-Japanese speakers living in Japan.

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In the aftermath of the massive earthquake off the coast of Japan, Oxfam continues to closely monitor the situation and is beginning to respond where appropriate.

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