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Press Release
Zango Germain, 19, working in a field. Burkina Faso. Photo: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam

International aid agency Oxfam and leading West African farmers network ROPPA today welcomed an initial forecast of an improved harvest in the Sahel region but warned governments and the UN that the food crisis is far from over.

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Drought is making it difficult for herding families in southern Ethiopia to earn a living from their livestock. Some people have decided to try a new approach: irrigated farming. With Oxfam's help, they are adapting to the changing climate by tapping the Dawa River for water.

Press Release

International aid agency Oxfam today releases a digital edition of its report Growing a Better Future: Food justice in a resource constrained world, to coincide with the beginning of ‘GROW Week’ – a week of activism highlighting the world’s broken food system.

At a cereal bank launched by the Center for Development Initiatives, an Oxfam partner, members show a sampling of the corn they have been able to save. Credit: Sarah Livingston/Oxfam America

Animal vaccinations and cereal banks help buffer communities from the trouble drought brings.

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