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Photo: Tractors on a sugarcane plantation.
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Oxfam urges the Colombian government to close the loopholes that allowed Cargill – the world’s largest agricultural commodity trader – to acquire over 52,000 hectares of land in Colombia’s Altillanura region through 36 shell companies between 2010 and 2012.

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After nearly 15 months of negotiations, we welcome the agreement, reached through mediation, between the Mubende community and the New Forests Company (NFC), as a basis for community members to start to rebuild their lives.

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Ceveriano surveys a sugar plantation. Photo: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam

What's the problem with biofuels? Won't they help us reduce carbon emissions?

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Oxfam's G8 'Big Heads' arrive in Northern Ireland. Photo: Jonathan Porter/Oxfam

During the two days of the G8 Summit, which starts today, $2.2 billion in illicit flows will have hemorrhaged from developing countries into tax havens and land one and a half times the size of Manhattan sold off to foreign investors.

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Oxfam Big Heads: G8 arrives in Northern Ireland. Photo: Oxfam

Since 2000, companies in G8 countries have acquired land in developing countries more than the size of the whole of Ireland. This is enough to feed 96 million people every year – almost the total population of the UK and Canada.

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We asked you to do ordinary things out of place to make a noise about unjust land grabs. You delivered in the thousands. We put your images to Coldplay's song, and the World Bank listened.

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