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Photo: Tractors on a sugarcane plantation.
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After nearly 15 months of negotiations, we welcome the agreement, reached through mediation, between the Mubende community and the New Forests Company (NFC), as a basis for community members to start to rebuild their lives.

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769 families forcibly displaced, Polochic, Guatemala. Photo: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam

The Government of Guatemala has recognized three commitments to the communities evicted from Polochic Valley. The campaign organized by Oxfam and Vamos al Grano has generated 107,000 signatures in support of the cause.

APECO land grab in the Philippines. Photo: Simon Rawles/Oxfam

The APECO development project in the Philippines has been embroiled in controversy around the locals' land rights since it began. Lend your voice to help stop land grabs.

Press Release

Oxfam is deeply concerned about the kidnapping and murder of a local leader who was abducted with three others following a community vote on a mining project owned by San Rafael, SA, a subsidiary of Canada’s Tahoe Resources.

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Historic march in India of over 100,000 people to get the Government to pass a 'National Land Reforms Act & Policy' as a broad framework and means of land re-distribution to the landless and homeless poor

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