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Virginia Ñuñonca, 54, lives in the highlands of Peru. Photo: Percy Ramírez/Oxfam

Climate change is the single biggest threat to our chances of winning the fight against hunger. Stories from around the world, where farmers and families are fighting back to adapt to the changing climate, to protect their crops and livestock.

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Our work with small farmers in China to grow crops better adapted to the climate, combined with lobbying authorities to more actively involve villagers in decision making is yielding results.

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The European Union is failing to give full details about its €7.2 billion pledge for immediate climate finance needs in developing countries. By not being fully transparent, the EU is undermining trust with developing countries.

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EU Environment Ministers met today to discuss Europe's plan of action on climate change. Oxfam is calling for a 40 percent cut in emissions by 2020.

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Europe is trying to shirk its responsibility and pass the burden of dealing with the impacts of climate change onto the world’s poorest countries, Europe’s leading environmental and development groups warned today.

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Walking in Kup District, Chimbu Province, PNG. Credit: Jerry Galea/Oxfam

Climate change is pushing poor people further into poverty.Urgent, concrete action is needed to help avoid catastrophe. Find out more about Oxfam's climate change campaign and see what you can do to help.

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