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Jamila Yakubu (6) and her sister. Photo: Helen Palmer/Oxfam

Primary education for all is within reach in Ghana but help from rich countries is needed.

Emergency Article
Colegio Bandera del Perú. Credit: Oxfam

As the rebuilding effort continues after the August 15 earthquake in Peru, parents and their children are now struggling to restart the school year in Pisco. Emergency classrooms built by Oxfam International help students get back to school.

Pupils organise the new library. Credit: Oxfam

To support the educational needs of the students in the school, this community expressed the need for a library, where their children could get access to various books. They made available a room, while FAWE with support from Oxfam provided further supplies.


Vanuatu Rural Development and Training Association, an Oxfam partner, is supporting centres to provide new skills to youths. The centre has helped many youths that can’t afford a complete education to be self-reliant and to get paid jobs.

Policy Paper
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