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As climate negotiations in Tianjin, China, closed today, international development agency Oxfam said the outline of an agreement on a set of decisions at the Cancun summit in December are beginning to appear, but governments will need to work with real urgency to achieve real progress this year.

Press Release

Establishing a new Global Climate Fund that is fair, accessible and accountable, and agreeing on a pathway for a binding agreement, are essential building blocks that must be achieved in Cancun.

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Oxfam Senior Climate Change Advisor, Kelly Dent, updates from the UN Climate talks in Tianjin, China, on what Oxfam is expecting out of the Tianjin meeting, do we think there will be a Fair, Ambitious and Binding (FAB) deal in Cancun in December, and why a global climate fund is important.

Press Release

The poorest people who need the most help to adapt to a changing climate are largely being bypassed by the small amount of climate funds now being disbursed, says a new Oxfam report published today at the UN climate change talks in Tianjin, China.

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