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Press Release

Despite the ongoing political process we have not witnessed any lessening of the violence that continues to have a horrendous impact on civilians.

Policy Paper
For just 13 cents, Judith Alexandre is now able to buy a hot meal at a local restaurant in Haiti. Subsidized meals are one of the initiatives Oxfam is supporting to help people confronting a food crisis in Haiti. Credit: Bernard Cherelus

Once almost self-sufficient, Haiti now imports 80 percent of the rice it consumes. A dramatic cut in import tariffs lead to a drop in national rice production.

Small rooms crowded with small beds at a facility in Goma serve as a safe haven for women survivors of sexual assault in Congo. Standing is Justine Masika who runs a program, supported by Oxfam, that helps many of the women. Credit:Liz Lucas/Oxfam America

Spilling beyond the conflict that has swept the region, sexual violence is now beginning to corrode the core of traditional Congolese communities.

With some local help, Oxfam's Melinda Young dons a traditional Sudanese dress called a "tob". Credit: Oxfam

April marks the fifth anniversary of the start of the crisis in Darfur.Three Oxfam staffers talk about how the situation, and Oxfam’s response to it, has changed as the conflict has dragged on.

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