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In a week that will see seventy-one million pounds of chocolate sold for Easter, international agency Oxfam is accelerating its campaign targeting the world’s biggest buyer of cocoa, Mondelēz International.


More than 1,000 women marched for their rights on World Food Day in El Salvador.

Healthy food and a sustainable way to produce it were among the goals of the more than one thousand women who marched on World Food Day 2012 in San Salvador.

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Photo of Svetlana Arkhipova in her vegetable garden

These case studies provide interesting insight on the situation in five emerging economies on key issues of food security, climate change and energy access and how Oxfam and partners are campaigning for change.

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Jacoba Armoed working in the field, South Africa. Photo: Oxfam

As a result of climate change and its impact on food production, small-scale women farmers in the Western Cape of South Africa are now eating less or nothing at all, and saving the little food they do produce for their families to eat.

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Oxfam has launched a photo exhibition in Durban where local women farmers show the impact of climate change in their own communities.

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Across the world people are coming together to demand that our leaders take action now to curb harmful emissions and pay to help countries adapt to climate change.

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