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Devastating floods in Niger are affecting more than 500,000 people, most of whose basic needs are not being met. We're providing household kits including soap, mats and mosquito nets, and water and sanitation provisions to almost 40,000 people.

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Oxfam's "Big Heads", G20, Los Cabos, June 2012. Credit: Oxfam

The G20 leading economies have sidelined development and food security at their summit in Los Cabos.

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Yemen is at the crossroads of humanitarian catastrophe international aid agency Oxfam said today in reaction to new figures from the World Food Programme, which showed a radical increase in the number of people facing severe hunger in the country.

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Reacting to the outcome of the Busan aid negotiations, Oxfam said donors had put off important decisions about how to improve aid.

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Aid effectiveness is about ensuring impact of development aid. Photo: UN

At Busan global development leaders reviewed progress in improving the impact and value for money of development aid and made new commitments to further ensure that aid helps reduce poverty and supports progress in meeting the Millennium Development Goals.

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Government negotiators meeting in Busan, South Korea are working through the night in a last ditch effort to reach a deal on the future of global aid

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