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The companies that make your favorite chocolate bars are not doing much to support the women who grow and pick cocoa for them. You can change this.

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As the 18th African Union Summit starts in Addis Ababa, civil society organizations from across Africa are concerned that the summit’s central theme, “Boosting Intra- African Trade,“ risks being overshadowed and will not get the focus needed to tackle this urgent issue.

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In 2011, Oxfam continued to deliver emergency water, sanitation, and public health work in Haiti, working with communities and local organizations to find more permanent solutions to meet long-term needs for these services. We also helped small businesses to flourish in the city and the countryside.

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Climate adaptation offers competitive advantages to businesses worldwide, according to the new report, jointly released today by the UN Global Compact, the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), Oxfam and the World Resources Institute.

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Twelve major companies and sixteen high level retired Generals and Admirals call on President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton to lead the effort to establish an equitable, effective and accountable global climate fund at the UN climate negotiations in Cancun.

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RWE Lobby Director lobbying the press. Photo: FOE Europe

RWE (npower), Goldman Sachs and derivatives lobby group ISDA have been given the dubious honor of being named the Worst EU Lobbyists of 2010. The results of the Worst EU Lobbying Awards 2010 were revealed today during a ceremony outside the ISDA office in Brussels.

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Institutional investors should implement and publicly report on a responsible investment policy that addresses poverty and development issues according to a new report by Oxfam launched today.

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Erlasee Solar Park, Germany.

Progressive businesses must continue to speak up in support of a strong climate deal in Copenhagen or risk allowing their head-in-the-sand competitors to derail the talks, cautioned Oxfam today, ahead of high-level events on the private sector’s role in tackling climate change.

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