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This Pakistan Development Forum meeting was a rare chance for donors to think outside the box for solutions to tackle some fundamental issues thrown up by the floods – one of the most devastating natural disasters this country has ever seen.

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Pakistan pays 44% of all taxes it collects repaying its debts, and hands over around 3 times more on debt than it spends on healthcare every year. Act now: tell the world’s Finance Ministers to drop Pakistan’s debt.

Press Release
Photo: REUTERS/Adrees Latif, courtesy Alertnet.org

International development organizations Oxfam, Plan, Eurodad and Concern Worldwide called today on EU leaders, meeting tomorrow for the first time to examine Europe’s role as a global power, to shift gear in their response to Pakistan.

Press Release

The IMF will issue a $450 million loan to Pakistan which risks plunging Pakistan into debt that it can ill-afford. Oxfam is calling for the cancellation of all multilateral and bilateral loans to Pakistan, and for debt relief to be given on emergency assistance from the IMF.

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