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Wajir, Northern Kenya. Credit: Kevin Ouma/Oxfam

More than 23 million people are being pushed towards severe hunger and destitution across East Africa, international aid agency Oxfam warned today, as it launched an emergency appeal to raise $15 million.

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Rebellion, inter-community conflicts, and years of drought have seriously affected the living conditions of communities in Gao. The area is known as being one of the most vulnerable in Mali in terms of food shortages. Credit: Dave Clark/Oxfam

Oxfam international in partnership with local authorities in Bourem District will launch a major operation today to help the population in North-East of Mali affected by drought and late heavy rains.

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People collecting water from water kiosk. Saman Village, Wajir. Credit: Jane Beesley/Oxfam

Kenya is facing a new urban timebomb, with millions of Nairobi residents suffering a daily struggle for food and water as the divide between rich and poor widens, international aid agency Oxfam warned in a new report today.

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Abraha Tarraken's wife fills a container with water from a pond, in Tigray, Ethiopia. Some 30 million people of 70 million in Ethiopia live in extreme poverty. Credit: Tomás Abella/Oxfam

If nothing is done to reduce the effects of global warming, the impact on our planet’s water resources will be disastrous.

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People that have fled the recent fighting in Somalia seek refuge at 'May 15th' IDP camp, Burao (Burco), Somaliland. Credit: David Levene/Oxfam

There is a humanitarian catastrophe engulfing Somalia. Almost half of the country’s population – or 3.25 million people – are now in need of emergency aid. This represents a 77% increase since the start of 2008.

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Millions of Afghans face food shortages; mortality rates for women and children could rise – With Afghanistan’s bitter winter drawing nearer, international agency Oxfam warned today that time is running out to avert a humanitarian crisis, with funding urgently needed.

A rehabilitated well in Barbara. Credit: Oxfam

In a drought prone area like Mauritania, the issue of water access, in quantity but also in quality, is a big challenge. Oxfam livelihood program works to improve the communities’ access to water.

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