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Rescue workers search for victims of an earthquake in Cikangkareng, West Java province Sept 3, 2009. The death toll from the 7.0 magnitude quake stood at 44 and was likely to rise, government agencies said. Credit: REUTERS/Dadang Tri courtesy alertnet.org

International agency Oxfam has deployed a team in Indonesia to provide assistance following a 7.0 magnitude earthquake which struck off the coast of Java yesterday. We ar working with partners now, helping to assess the damage caused by the earthquake, and what assistance is required.

Emergency Article
Zhao Haihong uses the same water several times. She is waiting for the new irrigation and drinking water system.

When Oxfam colleagues met Zhao Haihong in a remote village in China, she was washing clothes in grey water that had been used several times. Oxfam is supporting a water project so that by August 2009, everyone should have clean water and farmland should be irrigated.

Press Release
Oxfam Hong Kong China Unit Director, Howard Liu distributed packed milk to villagers in Xiushui town, one of the quake zones in Sichuan. Credit: Keith Wong/Oxfam

Although there has been significant improvement in people’s livelihoods, and good work has been done to reduce the risks and impacts of future natural disasters, Oxfam calls for more support for the poorest people who survived.

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L.D. Indranai is a member of a self-help group supported by the Giruwapathu Development Society (GIDES), an Oxfam partner that provided seeds, irrigation equipment, fencing material and technical support. Credit: Atul Loke/Panos for Oxfam

Oxfam International is preparing to close its response to Indian Ocean tsunami at the end of this month, four years after the disaster. Oxfam and its local partner organizations assisted 2.5 million people in seven tsunami-affected countries in the largest emergency program in its history.

Press Release
Resident gather around the rubble of a collapsed house after an earthquake in Ziarat, one of the main tourist spots in Baluchistan, October 29, 2008. REUTERS/ Saeed Ali Achakzai, courtesy www.alertnet.org.

Oxfam will fly a team of four aid experts into the quake zone tomorrow from its base in Islamabad. The team will carry out an assessment and deliver an initial $81,000 aid package for those in need.

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Colegio Bandera del Perú. Credit: Oxfam

As the rebuilding effort continues after the August 15 earthquake in Peru, parents and their children are now struggling to restart the school year in Pisco. Emergency classrooms built by Oxfam International help students get back to school.

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