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Deysi Román at her stall in the municipal market. Photo: Wilton Castillo/Oxfam

More than 5,000 producers from San José Villanueva, La Libertad, are improving their livelihoods by participating in a project for empowerment and access to markets, land, and seeds.

Women from Nasapir village, Karamoja, Uganda. Photo: Carloine Gluck/Oxfam

Our vision is a just world without poverty. In our fourth strategic plan, we set out an integrated approach to tackle poverty by addressing its complex and interrelated causes.

Amanda is now aware of her rights. Chaco Boliviano. Photo: Patricio Crooker

Oxfam’s work in the forgotten, desert areas of the Chaco region of Bolivia has contributed to creating conditions that allow communities to recover power and control over the land, develop agriculture, and plan how they are going to use the natural resources. Amanda's is just one story of success.

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Yema Gharti. Credit: Tom Pietrasik/Oxfam

Yema, 39, lives alone with her son, in Nepal. When her husband left them 16 years ago, she had to struggle to find food and to survive on her own. Despite these difficulties, she has been able to pay for the education of her son and has worked hard to secure their future.

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In rural Afghanistan, job opportunities are scarce - especially for women. Oxfam has helped a group of women to set up a bakery in their village.
It gives them an income and a place to discuss what matters to them.

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