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Flooding in the streets of Quelimane, in Zambezia. Photo: Oxfam

Tropical storm Dando and cyclone Funso affected more than 117,000 people and left 40 dead in Mozambique last week. Oxfam and local partners are providing water and sanitation in Zambezia, to help reduce the risk of cholera and other sanitation-related disease.

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Our staff explain how Oxfam's cholera response program teaches people about cholera and personal hygiene, and how Oxfam distributes relief materials and builds latrines - in order to help save lives.

Press Release
Tamil civilians sit outside their temporary huts in the Menikfam Vanni refugee camp located near the town of Chettekulam in northern Sri Lanka May 1, 2009. Credit: REUTERS/Stringer, courtesy alertnet.org

Thousands of lives are at risk in Sri Lanka because aid to refugees is being restricted by a government ban on aid agency vehicles entering the camps, and difficulties in securing access for staff , Oxfam said today.

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People queuing to collect food at an Oxfam feeding program in Mbare, Harare, Zimbabwe. Oxfam has partnered with the UN World Food Program to deliver food aid to 253,000 individuals over the next 6 months. Credit: Robin Hammond/Oxfam

The international aid agency, Oxfam, has cautiously welcomed steps in Zimbabwe to form a government of national unity. Now the new government must urgently address the combined humanitarian crisis of cholera epidemic and more than half the population being in need of food aid.

Press Release

The government of Zimbabwe should declare the current cholera epidemic a national health emergency, international aid agency Oxfam said today, so that urgent national and international aid can be mobilized to address the outbreak.

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