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The increasing cost of basic food items means that the world's poorest suffer

We’re all feeling the pinch as the costs of basic foods like rice, corn, and wheat again reach record highs. But the world’s poorest people are suffering most.

Women drawing water from a shallow well in the vegetable gardens. Credit: Geoff Sayer/ Oxfam

Supporting community vegetable gardens is one of the ways that Oxfam responded to last year’s drought in Mauritania. “It feels as though we were blind before Oxfam came here and gave us sight.” says Salika, a beneficiary of the scheme.

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The credibility of G8 finance ministers will be tested this weekend as the world waits for more urgent and stronger action to tackle global poverty in the face of climate change and rising food prices.

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The global food crisis needs a wide-ranging plan to resolve it...

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