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At a time when one in seven people face a daily struggle to get enough food, Oxfam is calling on world leaders gathering in Turkey May 9-13 to seize the opportunity and help lift the most vulnerable nations out of poverty.

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As a result of severe drought, the 2009 harvest in Niger produced less than a quarter of the country's annual needs. Now half of all Nigeriens do not have enough food.

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Local organizations and civil society groups work to maintain their rights, at the World Social Forum 2009. Credit: Oxfam

Oxfam International is participating at the 9th World Social Forum in Belém, Brazil to help tackle the combined effects of the global economic crisis, rising food prices, and the effects of climate change in developing countries.

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Estere Chiperengay is able to feed her family. Photo: Malcolm G. Fleming/Oxfam

Malcolm Fleming, one of our media officers in Scotland, travelled to Malawi, where he spoke to a poor family which has learned how to manage its food supplies, through a government program.

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Mrs. Suri is a member of one of two women’s groups in the area set up with help from Oxfam. Credit: Josephine Imelda/Oxfam

Many people on the tiny island of Tunda, off the northwest tip of Java, are fishermen, as well as small farmers and shop owners. As global food prices rise, life for poor people living in this remote part of Indonesia has become increasingly hard.

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Komudei women's group: Group member Elizabeth Apuw Mariao taking money for food she has sold from her market stall in Kakuma. Credit: Crispin Hughes/Oxfam

The urgency shown by rich countries to tackle the financial meltdown stands in stark contrast to their foot-dragging and broken promises over aid and poverty alleviation, human rights and climate change.

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Examining newly de-husked rice at the MODEPS (Organisation Movement for the Development of Farmers of S'gur) rice farmers' co-operative funded by Intermon Oxfam. Credit: Toby Adamson/Oxfam

Small farmers in developing countries have not benefited from higher food prices, thanks in part to flawed trade and agricultural policies that have made them vulnerable and weakened their positions in markets, said international agency Oxfam in a new report released today, World Food Day.

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