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Every three years Oxfam Canada members join together to meet Oxfam program partners from around the world and discuss our role in the global movement for change. The 2010 gathering explored the themes of gender based violence, maternal health, poverty, security, climate change, and food security.

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Women are bearing the brunt of the climate burden. That's why they must have their voices heard in a global agreement that affects them so much, says Helena Christensen.

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While we welcome the principle to agree on this much-needed women's agency, the attitude of some member states to weaken its mandate at the last minute is deplorable.

Small rooms crowded with small beds at a facility in Goma serve as a safe haven for women survivors of sexual assault in Congo. Standing is Justine Masika who runs a program, supported by Oxfam, that helps many of the women. Credit:Liz Lucas/Oxfam America

Spilling beyond the conflict that has swept the region, sexual violence is now beginning to corrode the core of traditional Congolese communities.


Oxfam has a long-standing relationship with the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement which began with our support for their Women’s Employment and Economic Rights project in 1993.

Local farmers proudly show their harvest. Credit: Gilvan Barreto/Oxfam

Arcadio Pacheco has reason to be proud. When he looks at his land, he sees it full of vegetables and flush with good irrigation systems. Things have changed a lot in La Mohaga in western Honduras.

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