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Photo: Families get water from a tanker

Typhoon Bopha, known locally as Pablo, has hit the southern Philippines. More than 360,000 people are now staying in evacuation centers or with friends and relatives. Oxfam has started an emergency response in the hardest hit communities.

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Sumberged huts, Assam. Photo: Oxfam

The people of Assam are facing two disasters, creating one of the worst humanitarian crises in the last decade. The most severe floods in the past 14 years have affected around two million people across 27 districts of Assam, while ethnic tensions have displaced hundreds of thousands of people.

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Sierra Leone is in the grip of one of the worst cholera outbreak in its history with death rates almost double emergency thresholds and the number of people affected likely to increase significantly in the next month.

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Following a rapid assessment, Oxfam India is responding to unprecedented floods which have affected 2.4 million people and displaced half a million people so far in Assam.

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Asha collects water in Lafole, Somalia, supplied by Oxfam & Oxfam partner SAACID

The international humanitarian response system will fail to cope with the expected rise in the number of people exposed to crises unless there are more resources closer to where disasters happen and there is more investment in preventing and reducing the risk of disasters, warns Oxfam.

Typhoons, Philippines. Credit: REUTERS/John Javellana, Courtesy of Alertnet.org

Oxfam is responding to the flooding in the southern Philippines with humanitarian aid.

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In 2010 Pakistan was hit by its worst natural disaster. More than 1,750 people are thought to have died, with an estimated 18-20 million people affected by the floods.

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