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Southern Sudan is voting in an historic referendum, to decide whether to remain part of a united Sudan or secede and become the world’s newest country. Whatever the outcome, the area will need long-term support.

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Bee-keepers feed the bees with sugar because of the lack of nectar. Photo: Oxfam

Oxfam's partner ODECO provides support to communities so that they can adapt to the drier weather and short bursts of heavy rainfall. A bee-keeper in Honduras reports on the challenges of a changing climate, and describes his efforts to adapt in order to continue to produce honey.

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Families living with minimal shelter, Pakistan. Photo: Caroline Gluck/Oxfam

International agency Oxfam today called on rich countries and institutions, meeting for the third time in as many months to discuss flood-ravaged Pakistan, to end the talking and start giving the substantial funds needed to help save lives and start to rebuild the country.

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In rural Afghanistan, job opportunities are scarce - especially for women. Oxfam has helped a group of women to set up a bakery in their village.
It gives them an income and a place to discuss what matters to them.

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In a new report released today, international agency Oxfam called for a radical shift to prioritize agricultural investment in plans to rebuild Haiti after the devastating earthquake earlier this year.

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Mitthal and Shahul have lost their homes in the Pakistan floods and are now living in camps in Sindh Province. We asked them about their experience, their most urgent needs and their hopes for the future.

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Bilhuda Ibrahim and her family. Credit: Mubashar Hasan/Oxfam

Bilhuda Ibrahim and her family are living crammed into a single tent in an overcrowded camp with four thousand other flood survivors. Four weeks after they were forced from their home by the rising waters, she can still see no end in sight to their ordeal.

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In the first year of our response, we have reached over 2.4 million people with humanitarian aid in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab, Sindh and Azad Jammu Kashmir. Oxfam's response focused on clean water, sanitation kits and hygiene supplies, food and essential household items, shelter, and helping with the initial rescue work.

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