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Khin Ohn Yi's family received materials from Oxfam to build a new home. Credit: Jane Beesley/Oxfam

Oxfam's humanitarian response has provided support to around half a million people in Myanmar, after the Cyclone Nargis swept through the Ayeyarwady delta and largest city, Yangon.

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Anwarul Islam has not been able to find suitable work or employment since he lost his job in a garment factory well over a month ago. He left his native Bangladesh four years ago to pursue a better paid job.

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As a major exporter of textiles, Thailand has been hit hard as global demand for clothing and footwear has dropped. Dow Punpiputt, Communications Officer for Oxfam in Thailand, went to visit some women who had lost their jobs.


This documentary highlights the serious problems still facing many families affected one year after Cyclone Sidr struck the southern coast of Bangladesh. Despite funding pledges from international donors, only about one quarter of some 276,000 new homes promised have been built.

Cyclone victims trying to save their belongings. Photo: Oxfam Novib

Oxfam's humanitarian response has provided support to around half a million people so far.

A rehabilitated well in Barbara. Credit: Oxfam

In a drought prone area like Mauritania, the issue of water access, in quantity but also in quality, is a big challenge. Oxfam livelihood program works to improve the communities’ access to water.

New animal feed saves time and money. Credit: Oxfam

Ho Thi Hom's life changed for the better when she joined the rice cultivation training in 2006; the activity was part of a market-based model by Oxfam Hong Kong and International Development Enterprises (IDE) which aimed to improve the incomes of 200 families.

Women unloading gravel from wheelbarrows. Credit: Oxfam

“Before Oxfam intervened we used to have to use our hands,” says Zeinab, a gravel collector in Sadagha district.” They gave us shovels to gather the gravel and wheelbarrows to carry it. Now things are much easier on our bodies.”

A woman who has formed a cooperative of fishers. Credit: Rajendra Shaw/Oxfam

Oxfam believes that respect for human rights will help lift people out of poverty and injustice, allow them to assert their dignity and guarantee sustainable development.

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