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Hovels alongside gleaming wedding halls, Kabul, Afghanistan. Jason P. Howe/Oxfam

The UN General Assembly outcome document agreed today exposes the unevenness and gaps in achieving the MDGs between and within countries.

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Students in Menaka secondary school, Mali. Photo: Ami Vitale/Oxfam

Today, Oxfam joined fifteen other leading civil society organizations to call for the right to education to be recognized and placed at the heart of the post-2015 development framework by member states of the United Nations.

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Responding to the High Level Panel report on post-2015 global development goals, international agency Oxfam welcomed the ambition and coherence of the Panel’s report and proposed goals, and the focus on ending extreme poverty.

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Poor countries are cutting back investment in farming, health service and services to help women because of fears about rising debts and the impact of the economic crisis, according to a new database launched today. 

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Drought-affected grain in Burkina Faso, Dec 2011. © Irina Fuhrmann/Oxfa

Oxfam today revealed that just over a quarter of the taxes that could be raised each year from money currently hidden away in tax havens would be enough to lay the foundation for ending global hunger.

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Kate Raworth, Senior Researcher at Oxfam Great Britain introduces her discussion paper "A Safe and Just Space for Humanity: can we live within the doughnut?"

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Credit: Geoff Sayer/ OXFAM

Last year Oxfam called on young people around the world to tell their story about the impact of armed violence in their lives and to submit their vision for a film to the Shooting Poverty competition. "Bang For Your Buck", a short film about small arms in Burundi, won the competition.

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