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The women of RAFARE process and sell locally produced grain. Photo: Oxfam

In a rural area in western Haiti, a group of women is expanding their milling business – which they hope will give the local economy a much-needed boost.

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Pontoon boat.

The Zambia general elections will be held on 20 September to elect a president and representatives to the National Assembly. Civil society organizations in Zambia have identified the elections as an opportunity to ensure key health issues are a priority during the upcoming elections.

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Dieunel Prince teaches students how to use a word processing program

Laventure Benad can afford to send only four of his seven children to school now. But with irrigation – and the opportunity it will provide for three harvests a year instead of just one – Benad hopes he will have not only more food for his family, but enough income to pay for additional schooling.


In the town of Anse-a-Veau in rural Haiti, basic household goods such as vegetable oil, batteries or spaghetti were hard to get – until a small Oxfam-supported shop opened recently. Simple projects like this strengthen the rural development that is key for rebuilding Haiti.

Faiumu Faimafili’s family (pictured) are now all working on their organic farm and producing coconut oil for export to The Body Shop. Credit: Jane Ussher/Oxfam New Zealand

Oxfam New Zealand’s partnership with Women in Business Development Incorporated (WIBDI) began in 2001 with an income generation and microfinance project, aimed at improving livelihoods in local communities.

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