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The village of Barangay Magay after Typhoon Haiyan. Photo: Anne Wright/Oxfam

After Typhoon Haiyan had completed its deadly path across Barangay Magay, Tanauan, a storm surge several meters high enveloped the small village of Tanauan. Resident Raynaldo Basibas survived to this tragedy and explains the story.

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From East Africa to Japan, from Ivory Coast to Pakistan, the year 2011 has been marked by tragic disasters and crises, which seriously hit the most vulnerable people. Oxfam has responded to these crises, with both emergency and long-term programs, and launched a new global campaign, GROW.

Railway station, Yamada Town, Japan. Photo: Miki Tokairin/JOICFP

A massive relief operation is now underway in response to the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, involving the government, the army and civil society. Oxfam Japan is raising money for several local organizations active in the disaster areas.

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In the aftermath of the massive earthquake off the coast of Japan, Oxfam continues to closely monitor the situation and is beginning to respond where appropriate.

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On this one year commemoration of people who lost their lives in the devastating tsunami that struck Samoa and Tonga in September 2009, our thoughts are with families, friends and communities. We also extend our sympathies to the many survivors who experienced suffering and trauma.

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By the fifth anniversary of the 2004 Asian tsunami, 26 December 2009, international agency Oxfam will close the last few remaining tsunami aid projects having helped approximately 2.5 million people.

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Villagers walk around debris and a house that was smashed by a tsunami in Pago Pago Harbor after an earthquake on the island of American Samoa, September 30, 2009. Credit: REUTERS/Hugh Gentry, courtesy of alertnet.org

Just over a week after tsunami waves scoured the southern coast of Samoa, killing one per cent of the population and seriously affecting one out of every six people, the relief effort is still urgent. But recovery is not just about immediate relief – it is about longer-term development.

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