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Ivory Coast residents flee. Photo: REUTERS/Luc Gnago, courtesy Trust.org - Alert

Violent attacks and looting have forced thousands to flee Ivory Coast for Liberia over the past 24 hours, Oxfam said today. As battles continue to surround the presidential residence in Abidjan, serious violence against civilians is still reported in the west of the country.

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New York : Campaigners today called on governments meeting at the United Nations to ensure no weapons or munitions are sold to human rights abusers. The call came as delegates meet this week to resume negotiations on a global, legally-binding Arms Trade Treaty.

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More than two-thirds (72%) of activists working on women’s projects around the world say ending violence against women must be the top priority for the new UN Women agency, according to a new report published today by Oxfam and VSO.

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Oxfam tells leaders: sow the seed for a fair, ambitious and binding climate deal

In December 2010, government representatives from across the world met in Mexico to assess progress on tackling climate change. At these meetings -- on the back of massive and sustained public pressure -- significant progress was made.

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UN peacekeeping missions worldwide – one of the key instruments to protect civilians trapped in armed conflicts - often fail to engage with the local communities they are meant to protect, according to Oxfam.

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A new report from the UN’s High-level Advisory Group on Climate Change Financing (AGF) makes it crystal clear that raising the public money to help poor countries build resilience to climate change is possible without putting the squeeze on taxpayers.

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Oxfam Senior Climate Change Advisor, Kelly Dent, updates from the UN Climate talks in Tianjin, China, on what Oxfam is expecting out of the Tianjin meeting, do we think there will be a Fair, Ambitious and Binding (FAB) deal in Cancun in December, and why a global climate fund is important.

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