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Representatives of Unilever and Oxfam GB in Thailand. Credit: Unilever/Oxfam

Unilever, in partnership with Oxfam, announced the launch of a program to enhance women’s livelihoods in three southern border provinces in Thailand.

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Classrooms are made from goods containers, Afghanistan Photo:Nick Danziger/Oxfam

Twenty leading international and Afghan NGOs today called on NATO and the Afghan government to agree to commitments to ensure Afghan National Security Forces are able to protect civilians and are held accountable if they commit abuses or violate international law.

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Naima Abu Shawareb and her children, in Gaza. Photo: Karl Schembri/Oxfam

As regular power cuts and fuel shortages, due to the blockade, continue in Gaza, the electricity crisis puts more economic and physical pressures on women.

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Every three years Oxfam Canada members join together to meet Oxfam program partners from around the world and discuss our role in the global movement for change. The 2010 gathering explored the themes of gender based violence, maternal health, poverty, security, climate change, and food security.

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A woman (identity hidden) lies on the bed in a small room in Goma used as a safe haven for women survivors of sexual assault. Credit: Liz Lucas/Oxfam America

An Oxfam-commissioned survey reveals that sixty percent of rape victims were gang raped. More than half of the assaults took place in their own homes. There has also been a shocking increase in the number of civilian rapists.

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Sabrima jokes with her twelve year old adopted daughter Siamo in the kitchen of her home in Sandara Village. Unable to have children herself, Sabrima adopted Siamo and her sister after her mother died during childbirth. Credit: Alixandra Fazzina/Oxfam

Afghanistan’s next government must urgently devote greater resources to building up to 6,000 new schools, training upwards of 5,000 new midwives and professionalizing the police force to improve the lives of ordinary Afghans, aid agencies working in Afghanistan said today.

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Every day there is always a big line-up of water containers as we wait for the water to trickle out and fill them. Credit: Hamid/ACBAR

These women and children from Afghanistan were trained to use the cameras and write descriptions to accompany their photographs. Their work gives a unique insight into how the women see themselves and the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Press Release
Oxfam is working in Mugunga 2 camp, Goma, to provide water and sanitation. Credit: Suzi O'Keefe/Oxfam

Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland and UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, is on a high-level European lobbying tour to highlight the situation in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, where civilians have experienced an upsurge of violence in recent months.

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