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This stream dried up completely in 30 years. The river water used to be up to the bottom of the bridge. Credit: Tang Kong-fai / OXFAM HONG KONG.

We're working alongside a local partner, the Jingyuan County Association for Science and Technology (JCAST) on a series of anti-poverty programs in Gansu, including emergency support to endure the drought.

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Oxfam Hong Kong China Unit Director, Howard Liu distributed packed milk to villagers in Xiushui town, one of the quake zones in Sichuan. Credit: Keith Wong/Oxfam

Although there has been significant improvement in people’s livelihoods, and good work has been done to reduce the risks and impacts of future natural disasters, Oxfam calls for more support for the poorest people who survived.

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The students presented a complimentary flag to Oxfam Hong Kong. Credit: Oxfam Hong Kong

Three months after the 12 May earthquake, Oxfam Hong Kong announced that it has helped survivors in 105 townships and villages.



The remote mountain community of Jidao, in south-west China, is bouncing back from the brink of destitution, as Mark Deasey discovered during a recent visit.

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