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Suffering is often all the world sees of Somali people. Yet, that picture is incomplete. Petterik Wiggers photos show their love for family, celebration, humor, new life, restoration, hope and pride in the face of adversity.

Photo: Hawa and Isaak Ahmed

Hawa and Isaak Ahmed have gone through good and bad times together. With Somalia's capital now being rebuilt after two decades of violence, Oxfam's e-Cash project helps the family move out of their precarious situation.

Photo of Abbas working at the loom

Abbas Ali owns a workshop where traditional clothes are woven in Mogadishu – a challenging business, but e-cash received via mobile phone has helped improve its prospects.

Women playing basketball in Mogadishu. Photo: Oxfam

Mulki used to be the captain of the Somalia Women’s National Basketball team. Today the 42 year old is a mother of 10 and runs a small shop in Mogadishu. Mulki has been selected to receive cash support – on a mobile phone.

Press Release
A woman keeps her balance in the flood waters. Somalia, Sept 2012 Photo: HARDO

A new survey of people across 40 regions of Somalia by international agency Oxfam has found that water and food shortages are at critical levels and likely to deteriorate in parts of the country over the coming months, risking a prolonged humanitarian crisis well into next year.

Press Release
Water catchments for livestock, Somalia. Photo: Oxfam

One year after the declaration of famine in Somalia, a quarter of the country’s population are still surviving on humanitarian aid and over a million people could fall back into food crisis in the next two months.

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