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Railway station, Yamada Town, Japan. Photo: Miki Tokairin/JOICFP

A massive relief operation is now underway in response to the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, involving the government, the army and civil society. Oxfam Japan is raising money for several local organizations active in the disaster areas.

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Oxfam Japan is appealing for public donations for two partner organizations, one that is assisting mothers and babies and the other providing information to non-Japanese speakers living in Japan.

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Oxfam International criticized today the agreement just reached by the Japanese Cabinet for watering down the country’s responsibility to contribute to global efforts to tackle climate change.

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Over 1 million people submitted a wish for the G8 leaders to keep the promises they made in 2005. Photo: Oxfam

This July the eight richest countries – the G8 – met in Japan to talk about global poverty and climate change. The outcome however failed to deliver the breakthroughs that are so urgently needed.

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Japan has a chance to lead the rich G8 nations this year

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