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Australia’s big four banks are backing companies accused of kicking people off their land, leaving them homeless and hungry, Oxfam Australia said today.

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"Land Is Life" is a powerful photographic exhibition that documents the stories of people, most of whom are women, on the frontline of climate change, from the Western Cape of South Africa and the small Pacific Island nations of Kiribati and Tuvalu.

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Cotton ready for export in Peru. Small cotton producers are negatively affected by regional trade agreements. Credit: Renato Guimarães/Oxfam

Europe is negotiating new trade deals – economic partnership agreements – with African, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) countries but it is choosing power politics over partnership.

Campaign article
COMUCAP's coordinator and founding member Marlen, 45, sitting in a pile of 'green' coffee that wil be exported to Germany. Credit: Gilvan Barreto/Oxfam

If the new trade agreements are skewed in favor of Europe’s rich countries, then they are more likely to increase rather than reduce poverty.

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