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An Afghan soldier on patrol on the streets of Balkh province. Credit: Gulbuddin Elham/Oxfam

As Foreign Ministers gather in London for a major conference on Afghanistan, leading aid agencies warn that the international militaries' use of aid as a “non-lethal” weapon of war may even be putting Afghans at greater risk.

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Oxfam was pleased to hear that the new US strategy for Afghanistan will support ministries and local leaders that deliver for the Afghan people and combat corruption, and that there will be more focused assistance on agriculture, as up to 80 percent of Afghans rely on agriculture to survive.

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Aid agencies in Afghanistan call donors to meet the humanitarian needs of Afghans, outlined in a recently launched $870 million funding appeal.

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The ruins of the former Presidential residence, Darlaman Palace. Credit: Ashley Jackson/Oxfam

The US Defense Secretary’s call for international donors to fight corruption in Afghanistan is likely to have the support of the Afghan people, Oxfam said today.

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The local Doctor in the Tiny village of Anjuman examines a 2 week old baby. The clinic was built by a French NGO. Up here there is no support from the ISAF for medical supplies. Afghanistan. Credit: Travis Beard/ Argus

Ordinary Afghans blame government weakness and corruption as the second most important factor behind the fighting, with the Taliban coming third, followed by interference by neighboring countries.

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The past three decades of war and disorder have had a devastating impact on the Afghan people. Here is their story.

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Children attending school beneath a tree. A project funded by Oxfam America and implemented by an Oxfam partner (DACAR) in Shamali (north Kabul). Credit: Kenny Rae/Oxfam

The new Afghan government must urgently devote greater resources to building up to 6,000 new schools, training upwards of 5,000 new midwives and professionalizing the police force, according to aid agencies working throughout Afghanistan.

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