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Press Release
Krimichai displaced peoples camp - a women leaves the distribution point with essential non-food items. Credit: Howard Davies/Oxfam

Oxfam is now providing emergency relief to over 36,000 civilians who have fled fighting between Sri Lankan troops and LTTE rebels in the past few days, amid fears for thousands more women, men and children trapped behind rebel lines.

Press Release
L.D. Indranai is a member of a self-help group supported by the Giruwapathu Development Society (GIDES), an Oxfam partner that provided seeds, irrigation equipment, fencing material and technical support. Credit: Atul Loke/Panos for Oxfam

Oxfam International is preparing to close its response to Indian Ocean tsunami at the end of this month, four years after the disaster. Oxfam and its local partner organizations assisted 2.5 million people in seven tsunami-affected countries in the largest emergency program in its history.

Children at Kalaivani M.V. Kurukkalmadam School. Credit: Toos Bierhoff/Oxfam

Oxfam Australia is working with local partner Rural United Foundation of Deniyaya (RUFD) to redress the situation of many children in poor tea states in Sri Lanka. Street theatre is helping children access mainstream schools for the first time.


In the tsunami- and conflict-affected village of Thandiadi, one group of women is rearing hybrid goats to improve their livelihoods and learning how to manage their finances at the same time.

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